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SureWest Webmail

SureWest Webmail was recently upgraded to incorporate a more user-friendly layout. The new interface delivers enhanced features and more sophisticated functionality. SureWest's Webmail users now have greater flexibility managing their SureWest e-mail accounts. Listed below are a few of the improvements and some quick tips for navigating the new SureWest Webmail interface.


You can access webmail at http://webmail.surewestkc.net.  Once there enter your email address and password as shown below then click on Sign In.  You will need your full email address to login the new webmail platform.  This is for security reasons that your complete email address is now required. 

Please note:  Internet browsers supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Webmail Login Screen


After logging in you will notice a more user friendly look and feel.  You no longer have to click on a message to view it.  When you select the message it displays in the preview pane below.  The "load images" button protects you from spam email that use images to track you by not downloading them until you approve.  You now have the ability to "drop and drag" your email messages into folders. 

TIP:  How to I select multiple messages to move or delete?    By holding down the ctrl key and selecting the messages that you want.  You can also select a range of messages by holding down the shift key and selecting the first and last message.  

webmail main window


To create a new email by clicking on the WRITE button.   Enter the "To:" address or click on the to display your address book.  Click on to send your message.

TIP:  My emails don't send?   You are clicking on the save button, instead of the send button.  The send button is farthest on the left hand side when composing an email.  If you click on the save button then you email is saved in the draft folder.  You just need to open the draft folder and reopen the email.  Then click send to send it to your recipient.


create email message


To add friends to your address book select  on the lower left hand side.  Click on the new contact button to open a blank form.  Enter the information you wish and click on button.


Want to have a standard signature for every email?  This is easily done in Options.  Click on options button then Local Account menu option.  Enter the signature you want and click on when done.

TIP:  All of my options are not displaying in the options tab.    You need to click on the arrow on the left hand side for the option you want for it to display.  Clicking in the option name does not expand the menu item.

TIP:  If you want to change the name that is displayed next to your email address of "collette@surewestkc.net" when you send it, you will need to log into the family email administrator on the surewestkc.net website and make the change there.  Family email administrator is located on the www.surewestkc.net site under "manage my services".


Leaving your computer?  Be sure to log out of webmail.  To log out click on "Sign Out" on the top right hand side of the page.


TIP:  By default your Trash folder to be auto deleted upon log out.  If you do not want this behavior, you will need to go into options and then click on the general item under the mail tab.  This is an item that states "Empty trash on log out", uncheck this to keep item in the trash folder until you are ready to remove them.  By auto-deleting these "trash" messages it help you keep your mailbox cleaned and not run out of space.  If you fill up your quota then you will not receive any more messages until you have removed some messages.

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